80-years. Thousands of lives.

There’s something inherently wonderful, something magical, about hope.

Hope gives power to the powerless and turns the meekest among us into men and women of profound courage. Maybe that’s because sometimes, when you place hope in the impossible, the most incredible dreams find a way of coming true.

Who could have dreamt in 1939 that an old ghost town set seemingly in the middle of nowhere would become a place where children could learn to dream big and make those dreams a reality?

For 80 years now, Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch has taught children from across the United States the value of integrity, faith and perseverance. In that time, our programs have expanded to include girls and to include helping our children’s families create and maintain a warm, nurturing environment for their children.

Please join us this year, as we celebrate 80 years of providing truly life-changing programs and services to children and families!

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Dan Adams,

President & CEO

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